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Solutions of customization for Open Source

Open Source is a Code which is created by open community and availble for free to use and modify! Open Source scripts help to reduce total costs of your project and they are bug free as well as tested by large user community for security and bugs!

Megrisoft which is based on Open Source Standards, is capable of doing any type of customization and modifications in these scripts. We can install and Module and Plugins which are availble as Modules for these scripts.

  • WordPres Blog Customization : Megrisoft can design, develop and customize WordPress Blog as per your specific needs, We can change back-end code as well as the user-interface. Due to our experience in CSS and HTML knowledge, we can customize themes for your blog, integrating in existing look of your web site (making look like as per your website design).

  • OScommerce/ZenCart Customization : We can customize OScommerce/ZenCart, Add existing contributions/add-ons, adding new features and functions. We can also change layout of the oscommerce to look visulaaly appealing! Our major point is that we can covert it SEO friendly by creating custom titles as well as static URL which are well indexed by Google.

  • Joomla/PHPNuke and CMS's : There are many reputed GPL CMS's like Joomla, PHPNuke and Drupal. We can undertake any Content Managment System and turn it into portal or as per your specific requirements. We can add/modify plugings/add-on contributed by the communites as wel as create custom design for your project!
Please contact us today for any project related to Open Source Technology, We assure that our experience and expertise will turn it intoas per your requirements!

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